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A cabaret for the vulgar, hideous, beastly woman inside the female identifying. A power ballad for women too scared to unleash the beast and let her wreak havoc.

 Feminah follows one woman on a war-path to dismantle every structure set in place to keep her calm and appropriate; she's here to destroy the town, and maybe take you with it.

Feminah is an ode to women that censor themselves for the sake of being professional, tasteful or heaven forbid, cute.
This explosion of gritty femininity is what happens when a woman refuses the idea of 'having it all' and instead, annihilates it.

Otton’s star is on the rise. Feminah is a winner.
– Seesaw Magazine [Read]


Feminah is a funny, fierce and furiously feminist ‘f*** you’ to the power structures that be. Creator and performer Charlotte Otton is so watchable that even during curated moments of deep discomfort, I cannot keep my eyes off her. “
– Art Murmurs


Feminah is a darkly funny exploration of womanhood today, and a must-see of this year’s Fringe season.
– Isolated Nation [Read]


Otton’s effortless comedic timing and wit, bemused facial expression here, quick jab there, or my favourite – her sexy 1920s-esque knee reveal – had the audience in stitches throughout the entire show in a way that only a truly seasoned performer can do.
– State of the Art [Read]


A master of different styles, she switches effortlessly between outdated ballads and hypersexualised pop hits, and no matter where she takes us in time, we are rapt.
– Theatre Travels [Read]

Charlotte Otton - Writer/Performer

Libby Klysz - Director
George Ashforth - Musician (2020)
Joe Lui - Musician (2019)
Alexandre' Egloff - Producer/Publicist 
Noemi Huttner-Koros - Operator
Charley Newton - Operator 


The Blue Room Theatre (Summer Nights Program 2019)
The Blue Room Theatre (Winter Nights Program) 2019

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2019
Sydney Fringe Festival 2019
New Zealand Fringe Festival 2020

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Feminah prod shots-Tasha Faye-38.JPG
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